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Changing Roses


chibikachi replied to your post: Can anyone tell me why my rose bush is…

Just had a realization that you might have meant the actual bush and not the blossoms; so it could be a discoloration because its been sprayed with something (like a nutrition solution) if it isn’t the soil.

No not…

I have to admit I’m better versed with hydrangeas. It was the thought of them that made me think your cabbage roses are turning colors due to soil acidity. The best I can think to do is a check to see if it might be the case.

A quick DIY way would be to take a scoop of soil in a cup and pour a half-cup of vinegar in. If it reacts (bubbles/fizz) then its alkaline so try adding sulfur or pine needles to the soil.

If it doesn’t react then get a fresh scoop and mix in a half-cup of water then a half-cup of baking soda. If that reacts then its acidic then you can try adding wood ash or lime to the soil and see if that helps your roses.

I hope it helps

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